Sunday, May 30, 2010

The perfect bathing suit

This is a very well done article the pictures really help you find the right style of bathing suit for you.  Before you head to the store to find a new suit, read this so you can look your best this summer.
Great sale on miracle suit at  Rue La La  Sexy L Space suits on sale at Hautelook  
There is a great sale on on accessories at; suits, sunglasses, coverups etc. Ideeli 
And grab some great steve madden and Escada Sunglasses on sale at Beyond The Rack
Go to Designer Apparel and find lots of your favorite brand suits on sale.
Happy Shopping!!!

Catherine Malandrino

I love the Catherine Malandrino sale going on at ruelala my favorite dress is the black halter.  I think that just made the shopping list today.  Check the sale on her clothing and don't miss the great deals.  She designs a great line of feminine clothing.   
Rue La La

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Classic Jewelry

We always joke that anything in a blue box is a good thing.  
The truth is that Tiffany Jewelry is classic.  Buying classic pieces of Jewelry is essential to a classic style.  Don't go for the trendy pieces, look for items that will endure over time.  pieces you will be proud to hand down to family.  Pieces that will be treasured.  Today there is a sale at beyond the rack they have several sales going today.  The one I am most interested in though is the sale on Tiffany Sterling.  Here is your link code HAPPY SHOPPING!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Little Black Dress

Everyone needs a great black dress in their wardrobe.  I think you should have several really.  A short one, a long one. a strapless and long sleeve.  These can cover most evening occasions.  And when in a pinch you have something to grab and run to that late business dinner or cocktail party.  I found a great black dress that could be an essential part of your wardrobe.  check it out  it is a great Alexander McQueen at an unbelievable price.  Gilt

Great Deal until May 26th has a great special going.  So if you like shopping you must like sample sales and the Swirl is just the spot.  From now until may 26th you can get $20 off your next purchase.  My fav at the sale right now are some of the swim suits they have.  Check it out and don't miss your extra discount.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Most Important Accessory

Things don't always have to be fancy.  You can wear jeans a cute T-shirt, flip flops, and throw in a great handbag.  I have always believed that a great handbag can make simple, simply fantastic.  I love hand bags, I love different colors and shapes.  Handbags can make you feel great when you are just running to the store.  Ladies I have to let you in on a private sale. Tomorrow(May 21) there will be a sale on chanel and Hermes get up early and be ready.  Use this link to get into the private sale.  Rue la la

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I am looking for new designers to feature on my new blog.  I love fashion and I love getting the word out about new and upcoming fashion.  Email me if you would like to get yourself featured here.  We will get the word out, show pictures and put you in a special section in the IN THE KNOW newsletter from Junkfoodkids.  email me at

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ten Tips for Being Fashionable on a Budget

Being a fashionista can be a challenge but these tips will help you succeed.

  1. Shop the sale only.  It is amazing how much money you can save when you shop only marked down items. 
  2. Plan ahead.  Just like you plan vacation plan your shopping.  An Example:  There is an annual mens sale at one of our favorite stores.  So I plan ahead and I buy my husbands wardrobe at that time.  
  3. Outlet Outlet Outlet.  Put this into your travel budget.  If you are going out of town to an area that has an outlet.  Plan that part of the money you are going to spend will be at the outlet.   
  4.  Plan your shopping itinerary.  When you are heading for the mall or the outlets.  Plan your stores and what you need.  Get in and get out as fast as possible that way you are less likely to make impulse buys.
  5. New shorts?  At the end of the cold season the kids jeans are two short and many have holes in the knees.  So find a friend who sews and have her cut them off and and hem them into shorts.  Or you can cut them down yourself and use no frey to get that unfinished look.
  6. Buy seasonally.  When a season ends we head out to the stores for the sales.  Buy the size larger for the kids and put away for the next season. 
  7. Hand me downs.  We have reciprocal relationships with families.  We send them our clothes and they send us theirs.  My daughter gets a big box of clothes at the end of the season from a cousin that wears a size larger.  And we have a friends that have kids that are size smaller.  So out go those old clothes go and in come the new.  
  8. Buy a great pair  of designer jeans and put a bunch of inexpensive Tshirts with those great jeans.
  9. Things that can be layered. Buy basic tops that you can where in the summer and layer for the winter.
  10. Perfect black bag.  Buy a really good Black bag that is classic and you can put with anything.  That way you don't need as many handbags.    

Get a great discount at

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My First Post

I am starting this sight mostly because of a friend from 6th grade who encouraged me.  She said my sense of style has always been her guide.  She has told me for years I should be sharing my knowledge with the world.  I am here to tell that the birth of my talent came from my amazing grandmother.  She always presided with grace and class.  People loved being with her, and she was always dressed in a way that was sophisticated yet approachable.  I hope I only do her justice in all she taught me. 

Let these tips and tricks be your guide to style and grace.  I am always available for questions and will try to answer them with a post to give all my readers the most information.  My email is

Today I will share with you a philosophy.  I was always told.  It is always better to be overdressed.  Really what this means is when you are in doubt overdress rather than underdress.  No matter what, that way you look great.  If you underdress you always stand out.  But if you overdress it's "Wow she looks great, how does she pull that off" 

Mull that over for a while you consider one of my shopaholic finds.  I love to dress well but I love a bargain even more.  The thrill of the hunt is what excites me.  Check this hunting ground out and see if you can pounce before the rest. Check out my pickof the day from the site. This is a private invitation only shopping site. Happy Shopping!!!!!