Sunday, June 27, 2010

For The Love Of Travel

Part of looking fantastic is making sure you keep your stress level down.   My favorite way to keep my stress down is to go on 
vacation regularly.  I love to travel all over.  The world is a wonderful place to explore with my family.  One of my favorite places is mexico.  We try to go at least once a year.  The beaches are beautiful and the environment is so relaxing.  I also love to go to the many beautiful Caribbean islands, these wonderful seas have to offer.  There is a sale going on right now where you can explore both of these destination at Gilt. Click on Jetsetter and you will find specials on trips to Peru, La Jolla, Sri Lanka, Bali, London, Tuscany, Napa Valley and so many more.  Many of these fantastic destinations I have been to, and couple are already on the itinerary this year and next.  We are so looking forward to Peru and La Jolla.   Don't miss out on a great adventure.  Explore the world.  Let me know about your vacations.  Don't miss out on this great sale going on head to Gilt now.  

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A sharp mind is sexy

Now most of the time I write about where you can get some great shopping bargains.   However I want to detour and talk about what makes a mind sexy.  Intelligence.  How many of you feel that now that we have kids we have lost brain cells?  They have found in studies that women's brains do change from pregnancy and maybe just dealing with kids daily antics. I love to do things to keep my self sharp.  I do sudoku, and I read.  I love to read.  Today I wrote a post at Junkfoodkids about getting kids to read this summer.  I have reading many books this summer.  The Lost Symbol.  I really enjoyed this book I have also read  Angels and Demons and the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.  The Lost Symbol was great.  A very fast read and as always very interesting.  There is even a cliff hanger in the book the keeps you reading and thinking "did this really just happen?"

Another book I read this summer was The Secret  I love this book because I truly believe in the power of thought and positive thinking.  If you are struggling with  
something negative in your life you need to pick this up and give it a read.  It is a quick read  and has lots of motivating stories.  This is definitely  a recommended read.

One book I have read lately it was a bit unusual Some GirlsThis was very different from other books I have read. This is about a girl who ends up in the Harem of a prince.  I found it interesting to read about something that I knew nothing about.  I found my self wanting to understand why she made the choices she made.  If you are looking for something different to read this would be something to look over. 

I have been reading a lot so I have one more book to add that I just finished as well. Apocalypse 2012  This book tells about the toltec, mayan , and Aztec cultures.  How they ended.  At least this is the authors tale.  It is very graphic novel and at times a little shocking. This has some interesting history and a bit disturbing at how evil humans can behave.

The new book I am planning to read soon is Escaping The Tiger .  My friend wrote this book and I am really looking forward to reading her story. 

I hope you find one of these books interesting.  leave a comment and let me know what you have read lately. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer dresses

I love summer because I can throw on a dress and run out the door.  I can never pass up a great casual dress and today you can find exactly that.  Hale bob is on sale at Hautelook.  Over at Gilt they have Tibi and Just Cavalli. Over at Rue La La you will find some great prices on Tart Collections dresses, so cute.  Now If you are looking for a      fancier dress, you want to hop over to Ideeli to see the Basix dresses on sale.   Either way good luck on finding some great dresses this summer I found some favorites today.  Can't wait until they show up at my house, I will hanging poolside.  

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Shoes

I have to admit, I spent all day yesterday looking
for summer shoes.  I have a bone to pick with all the shoe designers this year.  It is true 85% of the time I am a high heal wearing girl.  However during the summer I am living near water, the pool mostly.  All I want in the summer are cute blingy flat slides.  The shoe designers this year are obsessed with throngs and gladiator sandals.  I went to 6 shoe stores yesterday and no one had any slides.  I found orthopedic slides but I am not that type of shoe wearing lady.  Is it really that hard to make some slides that ladies can find for hanging out by the pool.  Shoes that will just slide off so hot toes can dip in the pool.  I find thongs unappealing, they are a form of foot torture. Honestly handing out by the water I don't want any straps behind my ankle.  Just give me some slides with a little flare.  Now an article out today talks about the woes of the thong. Now if you have no aversion to any sort of shoe you should check out some of the shoe sales going on at Ideeli, and Gilt has converse shoes today.  I will continue to pine for my slides.  Please shoe designers hear my plea.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


2_1.jpgI truly believe a great scarf can change the look of an entire outfit.  I love a good scarf.  They take a plain tee and make it pop.  I have lite spring ones and thicker winter ones.  I love solid colors.  Wide ones that can be used as a shawl, never travel without at least a couple.  I have some that have elaborate embroidery they illicit tons of compliments. Large scarves can be used as a sarong on the beach. So next time you are walking past the rack of scarves take a peek and see what jumps out at you.  They could be your go to accessory.  Grab some great scarves ON SALE right now at Enviius.  Great christian lacroix Scarves on sale right now at Ideeli

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More swimwear

Well summer is officially in the swing of things so if you are spending most of your time poolside.  Watching the kids you want a lot of suits at your disposal,  Well right now a sale is going on with suits from the super sexy to you can wear in front of anyone. This sale has super sexy Beach Bunny Swimwear not for the faint of heart.  They also have  CIA. Maritima, great suits and coverup to hit any poolside.  Find one and two piece swimwear at Tyler Rose.  Top everything off with some Initium or Gucci Sunglasses.  And the great part is you can find this and more all at one site.  Hautelook