Sunday, June 27, 2010

For The Love Of Travel

Part of looking fantastic is making sure you keep your stress level down.   My favorite way to keep my stress down is to go on 
vacation regularly.  I love to travel all over.  The world is a wonderful place to explore with my family.  One of my favorite places is mexico.  We try to go at least once a year.  The beaches are beautiful and the environment is so relaxing.  I also love to go to the many beautiful Caribbean islands, these wonderful seas have to offer.  There is a sale going on right now where you can explore both of these destination at Gilt. Click on Jetsetter and you will find specials on trips to Peru, La Jolla, Sri Lanka, Bali, London, Tuscany, Napa Valley and so many more.  Many of these fantastic destinations I have been to, and couple are already on the itinerary this year and next.  We are so looking forward to Peru and La Jolla.   Don't miss out on a great adventure.  Explore the world.  Let me know about your vacations.  Don't miss out on this great sale going on head to Gilt now.  

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