Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Shoes

I have to admit, I spent all day yesterday looking
for summer shoes.  I have a bone to pick with all the shoe designers this year.  It is true 85% of the time I am a high heal wearing girl.  However during the summer I am living near water, the pool mostly.  All I want in the summer are cute blingy flat slides.  The shoe designers this year are obsessed with throngs and gladiator sandals.  I went to 6 shoe stores yesterday and no one had any slides.  I found orthopedic slides but I am not that type of shoe wearing lady.  Is it really that hard to make some slides that ladies can find for hanging out by the pool.  Shoes that will just slide off so hot toes can dip in the pool.  I find thongs unappealing, they are a form of foot torture. Honestly handing out by the water I don't want any straps behind my ankle.  Just give me some slides with a little flare.  Now an article out today talks about the woes of the thong. Now if you have no aversion to any sort of shoe you should check out some of the shoe sales going on at Ideeli, and Gilt has converse shoes today.  I will continue to pine for my slides.  Please shoe designers hear my plea.

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