Friday, May 14, 2010

My First Post

I am starting this sight mostly because of a friend from 6th grade who encouraged me.  She said my sense of style has always been her guide.  She has told me for years I should be sharing my knowledge with the world.  I am here to tell that the birth of my talent came from my amazing grandmother.  She always presided with grace and class.  People loved being with her, and she was always dressed in a way that was sophisticated yet approachable.  I hope I only do her justice in all she taught me. 

Let these tips and tricks be your guide to style and grace.  I am always available for questions and will try to answer them with a post to give all my readers the most information.  My email is

Today I will share with you a philosophy.  I was always told.  It is always better to be overdressed.  Really what this means is when you are in doubt overdress rather than underdress.  No matter what, that way you look great.  If you underdress you always stand out.  But if you overdress it's "Wow she looks great, how does she pull that off" 

Mull that over for a while you consider one of my shopaholic finds.  I love to dress well but I love a bargain even more.  The thrill of the hunt is what excites me.  Check this hunting ground out and see if you can pounce before the rest. Check out my pickof the day from the site. This is a private invitation only shopping site. Happy Shopping!!!!!

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Deana said...

I feel special I'm your first follower! Your blog will do great!