Saturday, December 14, 2013

Vintage Mix Up

I went out the other night pulling out some vintage and mixing it up with some fun new shoes.  So yes before I go further that is the MLS Cup as a fun accessory.

So my evening suit is vintage Chanel.  Love this suit it is warm with sparkly black strips going through.  The buttons are logo free however they hold attention with great shinny rhinestones. This is something to keep your eye open for at charity fashion auctions and sales.

My handbag is a great almost vintage LV Epi Minuit.  My friend and I were talking about this the other day.  So if LV no longer makes the bag does that make it vintage?  I love things that are harder to find and a bit quirky. The shape of this Minuit bag just draws me to carry it more often.

The shoes are  Rachel Roy currently available at DSW and Amazon. These were not expensive.  What I was looking for was something  fun to contrast the conservative look of the suit. The chunky sequins and geometric heel were just the funky I needed.   I love how the look all came together.  This was great outfit for  the conservative business party I was attending,  Keep scrolling below to see some close ups.

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